The Areas Where Chico Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

The United States is literally a settler-colonial society. 

Immigration to the USA is the international movement of foreign or non-U.S. nationals that one may reside permanently there. Meanwhile, Immigration has been the most significant source of population growth and the versatile cultural image of U.S. history. 

There are bunches of the way by which you can become a permanent resident of US. Here is some of the area which is most appreciated and our firm can help with your dream comes true.

Immigrant investor and business permission

Immigration law makes entry and visas available to investors seeking to enter the country to engage in commercial enterprises that can be beneficial for the U.S. economy through capital investment and job creation. 

According to law, these types of investors are Employment Fifth Preference Immigrant Investors or called Immigrant Entrepreneurs (E5). E5 investors will receive up to 7.1 percent of employment-based visas issued worldwide.

Work Permit USA

The application process for acquiring a U.S. work permit (EAD or employment authorization document) is fairly straightforward. The applicant needs to fill out a 1-page form, photos, and documents along with the fee proving you’re eligible, in the meantime, submit it to USCIS(U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

But first of all, make sure you are eligible. Keep in mind that a work permit is only available to very limited groups of non-US citizen, usually those who are in the ongoing process of applying for some adjustment of status (like a green card) or somehow have some temporary right to be in the country. For more detail, talk to our expert Chico Immigration Lawyers. 

Family Reunification Program USA

Yes, the country has a family reunification program. 

Under the U.S. immigration law, the “immediate family member” such as the spouse, child, or parent of the person is eligible for requesting reunification. For the “child” the person must be under 21 years of age and unmarried.

US citizenship

If you meet some specific requirements, you can become a U.S. resident either at birth or after birth.

First, let’s see, what the requirements to become a citizen at birth are:

  • Have been born in the US or certain territories or even outlying possessions of the USA
  • Had parents or a parent who were citizens at the time of his/her birth 

To become a citizen after birth:

  • Apply for naturalization
  • Apply for “acquired” or “derived” citizenship through parents
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